Princeton CarbonWorks WAKE 6560

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With an innovative profile that slices through the air and a sophisticated carbon construction, the Princeton CarbonWorks Wake 6560 Tubeless Disc Brake Tune Wheelset grants performance to the time trial rider, triathlete or road racer who is searching for podiums and PBs.

The rims are realised from a sophisticated grade of carbon fibre that naturally lends lateral rigidity and low weight. This refined material is moulded into a wind tunnel tuned, wavy, “sinusoidal” profile that interacts with the air to reduce aerodynamic drag dramatically while heightening stability when the wind is blowing hard from the side.

The profile and carbon layup of the aerodynamic undulations provides a strengthened platform for the spokes to anchor into, reducing peak forces in these areas. These reinforced areas permit less carbon material to be used on the rim in-between the spokes to lower the weight markedly. A hole-less tyre bed gives a higher stiffness to weight ratio and also eases the installation of tubeless-ready tyres as no rim tape is required.

Tune King and Kong hubs possess smooth spinning bearings and are light and robust, providing a stable connection for disc brake rotors to be mounted. Sapim CX-Ray spokes complete the build by linking everything together in a reliable and evenly tensioned two-cross lacing pattern.


  • A light, stiff and strong carbon disc brake wheelset that offers speed and stability in time trials, triathlons and road races
  • High-grade carbon rims are light and laterally stiff
  • Wind-tunnel tuned, multi-depth sinusoidal profile blends aerodynamic performance with crosswind stability
  • The multi-depth profile grants a more concave spoke nipple contact platform to reduce pinpoint stress loads
  • Increased carbon material in the spoke nipple area increases strength and responsiveness
  • Sculpted sections between the spoke holes keep the weight low
  • Hole-less tyre bed increases stiffness further, reduces weight and negates the need for tubeless rim tape
  • Tune King and Kong hubs are light and offer low frictional resistance, durability and a solid connection to disc brake rotors
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes are laced in a two-cross pattern, granting reactivity and durability


  • Tyre compatibility: Tubeless-ready clincher
  • Wheel size: 700c
  • Rim: Optimised full carbon
  • Rim profile: Sinusoidal, variable depth
  • Rim finish: Naked satin carbon
  • Rim depth: 65mm to 60mm, variable
  • Internal rim width: 18mm
  • External rim width: 26mm
  • Rim internal format: Hooked
  • Spokes: Sapin CX-Ray
  • Spoke lacing pattern: Front - two-Cross / Rear - two-Cross
  • Spoke count: Front - 24 / Rear - 24
  • Hubs: Front - Tune King / Rear - Tune Kong
  • Freehub compatibility: Shimano HG (SRAM XDR freehub available separately)
  • Brake compatibility: Disc
  • Disc standard: Center Lock
  • Front axle: 12mm x 100mm thru-axle compatible
  • Rear axle: 12mm x 142mm thru-axle compatible
  • Recommended tyre size: 23mm width and above
  • Manufacturer claimed weight: Front - 712 grams, Rear - 811 grams, Wheelset - 1523 grams

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