Cervelo S-Series Disc 2021 /S3

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The S-Series makes every part of your ride better: the final sprint on your Saturday morning group ride, the long climb, and a solo effort on the edge of town. We've applied years of experience in building the most aero bikes in the peloton to create a bike that delivers maximum performance at sub-World Tour prices.

The S-Series is designed to be an aerodynamic integrated system incorporating the rider, frame, and components. Frame tube shapes and design elements work together to manipulate and smooth airflow over the bike and rider. The result—you go faster. Stiffness in critical parts of the frame is essential for calm and precise handling and pedaling efficiency, but many aero bikes have suffered from an abundance of stiffness that’s made their handling less than ideal. We optimized the layup in the S-Series to deliver a high-performance sprint but avoided making it so stiff that you feel like you got kicked in the kidneys after a 40-mile ride.

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