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The S5 prioritizes aerodynamic performance and stiffness, making it a platform preferred by the fastest sprinters in the world. Don’t think it’s a one-trick pony, though—despite the lateral stiffness, the S5 delivers an incredibly comfortable ride. You’ve no doubt noticed the now-iconic V-Stem. We optimized that shape to deliver the best possible performance in the wind, hid the cables inside, and make enough bar/stem/stack options to fit just about anyone. 

When you climb aboard an S5, you won’t just go fast, you’ll feel fast. The frame stiffness, geometry, layup, and tube shapes combine to make a bike that’s comfortable enough to spend all day off the front, but will respond to a last-second acceleration better than anything else. It’ll clear 28mm tires, too, to allow you to fit the newer crop of wider rim/tire combos that help you eke out even more aero advantage.

Whether challenging for the yellow jersey or just the local leaderboard, those who ride the S5 are united in one belief: sustained speed over great distances is what matters most.

The S5 represents a step even further into the space-age of race-legal aerodynamics. It is the pinnacle of what our engineers call “system thinking”, whereby each member of thedesign team is assigned specific zones of the bike to develop. By focusing on airflow and stiffness in a defined area, the engineers are collectively able to perfect every minutia ofthe bike.

The end result is the stiffest, fastest, most aero iteration of our most iconic model. All while retaining a superior level of ride quality and usability, in part thanks to the S5’s fullyadjustable bar and stem system.



Cervélo’s Pro Fit offers our lowest frame stack heights to enable an aerodynamic ridingposition. The Pro Fit is the direct result of input from our pro racers who wanted to gettheir handlebars as low as possible for maximum aerodynamic advantage.


The Cervélo frame, fork, handlebars, and associated components are designed to hide brake and shift control lines (mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic) from the wind forimproved aerodynamics, without sacrificing usability or performance.


Our two part floating rear derailleur hanger is designed to allow for easy alignment of the rear dropouts, ensuring that the rear axle can be installed quickly and simply every time. This design also incorporates the rear derailleur hanger and comes in different versions(threaded, RAT style) allowing you to easily update your frame and fork if standards change.


Cervélo developed BBrightTM to take advantage of the fact that oversized frame tubesare stiffer and lighter. With the BBrightTM system, larger-sized tubes are used in the seat tube, down tube, and left hand chain stay. The benefit is increased stiffness and pedaling efficiency in a lighter weight frame. BBrightTM is compatible with all major crank standards.

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