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he Zipp 454 NSW Disc is a very aerodynamic road wheelset with up to 58 mm high and 23 mm wide hookless tubeless carbon rims and the revised Cognition V2 hub set. The Axial Clutch V2 freehub ensures a faster frictional connection and less friction. Compared to the previous model, the weight of these wheels has been reduced by 400 grams.


Application: Road, Triathlon & Time Trial

Wheel Size: 28"

Tyre Type: clincher tyre

Number of Spokes: 24

Brake Type: Center Lock Disc

Tubeless System: Tubeless Ready

Technical Information - Rim:

Type: Zipp NSW

Rim Flange: without hook

Dimensions (ETRTO): 23-622

Inner Width: 23 mm

Outer Width: 28 mm

Depth: 53 mm/58 mm (depending on section)

Valve Hole Diameter: SV (6.5 mm)

Rim Material: carbon (UD)

Technical Information - Front Hub:

Type: Zipp Cognition V2 Disc

Over Locknut Dimension: 12 x 100 mm thru-axle

Bearings: cartridge (stainless steel)

Body Material: aluminium

Technical Information - Rear Hub:

Type: Zipp Cognition V2 Disc

Over Locknut Dimension: 12 x 142 mm thru-axle

Bearings: cartridge (stainless steel)

Body Material: aluminium

Freehub Body Material: aluminium

Freehub Body: Axial Clutch V2 (54 engagement points)

Technical Information - Lacing:

Front Lacing Pattern: 2-cross

Rear Lacing Pattern: 2-cross

Spoke Type: Sapim CX-Ray

Spoke Size: 252 mm/254 mm (front wheel l/r), 254 mm/248 mm (rear wheel l/r)

Spoke Material: stainless steel

Nipple Type: Sapim Secure-Loc

Nipple Material: aluminium

Approved For:

Weight Limit: 115 kg total weight

Air Pressure (max.): 5 bar

Tyre Type: Only approved for tubeless and tubeless-ready tyres. Please make sure that the tyre manufacturer's approval is given for hookless rims.


- aerodynamically designed wheelset for tubeless use on modern road bikes

- rim with structured surface and wavy height (53/58 mm) for highest aero and crosswind stability

- TSE technology for more efficiency and reduced rolling resistance

- smooth transition between hookless rim flange and tyre allows more speed

- even material distribution saves weight

- symmetrical rim tread

- hubs run smoothly when pedalling and at idle speed

- aluminium axles

- 400 g lighter than previous model

- carbon finish with decals applied by direct printing technology

- front can be converted to 9 x 100 mm quick release or 15 x 100 mm thru-axle (end caps sold separately)



Total System Efficiency is Zipp's approach to speed on different surfaces and under varying riding conditions. TSE aims to eliminate everything that works against speed: Wind resistance, inertia, rolling resistance and vibration.


NSW stands for " Nest Speed Weaponry." 'The Nest' is the nickname the Zipp engineers have given to the windowless high-security research laboratory in a corner of the Zipp factory. This site, or the ground-breaking ideas and designs that emerged from it, became the namesake for an entire series of wheels. The Zipp NSW series is a science, philosophy and mission to develop the fastest, most stable and highest performing wheel components of all times.


ImPress graphics not only provide valuable weight savings, but also allow for a unique and permanent application of Zipp's signature branding.

SawTooth™ ABLC HexFin™

This patented rim shape achieves what conventional aero wheels cannot: it simultaneously reduces aerodynamic drag and lateral wind forces, providing the ultimate AeroBalance™. SawTooth makes this possible through a series of hump-shaped Hyperfoil points along the inner diameter of the rim. Together with the HexFin ABLC dimples (hexagonal dimples), these provide improved airflow. The result is the most powerful Zipp wheelset of all times with lower aerodynamic drag and reduced lateral wind forces at any angle of attack. This is important because the steeper the wind angle, the larger the influence on the handling of the bike.

Axial Clutch V2

Every time you go into neutral, the pawl mechanism of the freehub on conventional hubs acts like a drum brake, costing you speed. The resistance between the hub shell and the freehub body during freewheeling leads to a loss of efficiency, especially on road bikes. As a solution to this, Zipp has developed the Cognition rear hub with Axial Clutch technology, which reduces drag by disengaging the gear mechanism when idling. The Axial Clutch Wave Spring, on the other hand, quickly and securely re-engages it as soon as the rider starts pedalling again. In the V2 version, this technology also results in even faster response, even less friction and improved durability.

Colour info:


- Rims: black (carbon) with standard decals

- Hubs: black

- Spokes: black

- Nipples: black


28" set (front 12x100 + rear 12x142) Shimano:

Freehub: Shimano Road

Gearing: 8-/9-/10-/11-speed

Note: The assembly of 8-/9-/10-speed cassettes on a Shimano Road Rotor requires a 1.85 mm spacer ring.

Manufacturer Numbers: 00.1918.616.000 (front) + 00.1918.617.000 (rear)

28" set (front 12x100 + rear 12x142) SRAM XDR:

Freehub: SRAM XDR

Gearing: 11-/12-speed

Note: A 1.8 mm spacer ring is required to mount XD cassettes on an XDR freehub body.

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