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ENVE wheelset 28 "Road SES 4.5 AR Disc Clincher | Chris King R45 Centerlock hubs | quick release

ENVE products have seen a rapid rise in the world of cycling. They have even been tested on the big tours like the Tour de France or the Vuelta in Spain. The carbon specialists from the USA develop only the uncompromisingly best attachments for professionals and other committed cyclists.

Anyone who has ever been to Paris-Roubaix or other spring classics knows how crucial it is to choose the right balance bike. It is not only the weight that counts there, the damping properties are more important. This is exactly where the AR wheelsets from ENVE come in. They can be fitted with tires up to 32 mm wide, which have already swallowed many blows from the ground. In addition, the special structure of the carbon rims filters out further vibrations and thus prevents the driver from becoming fatigued. Still, they don't look bad on the scales either. The different rim heights on the front and rear wheels offer a good compromise between weight and aerodynamics. The developers spent many hours in the wind tunnel before the final shape of the rim was determined. Together with the Chris King hubs and the Sapim spokes you will have a lot of fun with it.

ENVE SES 4.5 AR Disc rims

ENVE carbon rims are developed by ENVE in the USA and manufactured in compliance with the highest quality requirements at the company's headquarters in Utah. The engineers at ENVE have years of experience with the use of carbon in the field of cycling and know what requirements a top product like these carbon rims must meet. At ENVE everything is done to use the advantages of carbon and to eliminate its disadvantages. So stiff and extremely light rims were developed in which all fibers can run without interruption, which corresponds to the best possible use of the material thickness. This principle has been perfected with the spoke holes, in that continuous fiber strands form the mount for the spoke nipples. Aluminum inserts, as are common with other carbon rims, can therefore be dispensed with during production. This reduces the weight and at the same time allows much higher spoke tensions which in turn allow the construction of stiffer wheels.

Hubs Chris King R45 Centerlock

There is a certain myth attached to CHRIS KING hubs. They have been on the market almost unchanged for years and yet are not old fashioned. Thanks to the proven technical inner workings, constant further development in detail and unmistakable appearance, they have developed into a true cult object.

When Chris King's engineers started developing the R45, everything was created under the motto "light & fast". Every detail was haggled and the result is impressive. Not only is it lighter than its predecessor, it is also significantly stiffer axle

The unmistakable sound of the freewheel is the hallmark of the rear hubs. It is generated by the 45 grid points of the stainless steel tooth lock washer. With this 3-part RingDrive ™ system, every step is immediately converted into propulsion without a large amount of idle travel.

The heart of the hub are the ball bearings. These are also developed and produced directly by Chris King. This means that they can be fully adapted to the specific loads and forces. The multiple seals mean that water or dirt cannot penetrate. Each bearing is checked by hand for any quality defects before installation and, if necessary, sorted out. The adjustment of the bearing play is very simple and can also be carried out in the installed state. With the help of the Chris King hub tool set, which can be purchased as an option, replacing the bearings and maintaining the hub is child's play.

Sapim CX-Ray spokes

Sapim CX-Ray spokes are so-called knife spokes. The middle part is butted to a diameter of 1.5 mm during production and forged flat in the last work step. These processes solidify the structure and produce extremely durable spokes.

ENVE are convinced of the quality of their products and offer the first buyer a guarantee of 5 years from the date of purchase. All you have to do is register on their website.

Technical specifications:

intended use : racing bikes, gravel bikes

Impeller size: 28 "(ETRTO: 622 x 25 mm)

Rim type: Clincher (wire and folding tires)

Brake type: disc brake

Brake disc mount: Centerlock

Material rim: carbon

Number of holes: front 24 / rear 24

Inner width rim: 25 mm

Rim height: front 49 mm, rear 55 mm

Recommended tire width: 28-32 mm, optimized for 30 mm

Recommended air pressure: max. 4.65 bar / 67 PSI, depending on tire width and rider weight

axle type front: 5x100 mm quick release

axle type : 5x135 mm quick release

Freewheel: 11-speed Shimano Road (9-, 10-speed with optional spacer)

Recommended driver weight: n / a

Color rims: black matt

Hub color: black

Weight according to the manufacturer: 1584g (complete), 744g (front wheel), 840g (rear wheel)

Weight weighed by yourself:

Scope of delivery:

1x front wheel

1x rear wheel

Tubeless conversion kit

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